Adopt the most popular enterprise social network in the world! 8 millions of employees worldwide are using it on a daily basis to facilitate professional communication and decrease email volume.

Capitalize informal knowledge in your organization thanks to Yammer! Instead of having your people sharing knowledge by email, let them have structured conversations in Yammer and build a true knowledge repository.

Yammer screeshot

Yammer screeshot




Yammer is an enterprise social network. Only your employees have access to it. It is not open to consumers like other competitors are. Your are 100% sure that your conversations remains private to your company!



Yammer manages all your conversations from all your professional circles. You don’t need anymore to send email, only to start conversations, attach pictures, files, URLs, ¬†and invite your colleagues to join them.



Thanks to Yammer, you can create external “networks” to invite your customes, supplieurs or business partners to share information, documents on conversations on your projets. 100% secure, this is the best way to improve collaboration.



Yammer allows you to divide your conversations into several groups, marketing, sales, r&d, your projects, etc. Groups can be private or public (to your company). This organization allows you to subscribe only to conversations that matter for you.


Office 365

If Office 365 is the messaging and collaboration suite for your company, you can take advantage of it to create, share and co-edit your Office documents within Yammer. Thanks to the Office Web Apps, you can start conversations around your documents and switch from Office 365 to Yammer smoothly.



The dashboard for the administration of Yammer is very powerful. You can control users, display statistics of usages by groups or networks, filter keywords to be alerted of  behaviors against your policies, etc. You have all you need to master your enterprise social network securely and let your people have useful conversations to enhance their business.


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